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About Us

Our online store is a continuation of the Instagram page

We make molds ourselves.

The design of our molds is also developed by us and is intellectual property. It is forbidden to produce molds by copying ours.

All molds are made of food grade silicone. This means that when working with them you will not have an unpleasant odor and work with it easier.

The silicone we use in production is very soft and elastic. You will not need to make much effort to get the whole figure. Silicone can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees.

Our molds can be used with chocolate, glaze, mastic, soap, candle wax, plaster, ...

Molds are reusable and can be used for several years with careful use.

We guarantee quality and change everything you don't like. If you doubt the quality, you can not worry and we will take back all the molds you do not like.